We love, because He first loved us.

1 john 4:19

Your commitment to WOTS is an act of radical love.

By empowering people to experience the transformational impact of supporting others we are restoring our shared humanity and building a better community today.

Say "Yes" to supporting WOTS, so that someone else can say ‘yes’ to supporting a neighbor in crisis.

Give to Our Campaigns

Your philanthropic commitment helps sustain the work we do! As builders, dreamers, doers, innovators, leaders, and more, you have the power to give and to empower many with the opportunity to say "yes".

Mission Giving

Wings of The Spirit exists to make it easy for volunteers to say "Yes" to serving others while, in turn, helping them to receive the greatest gift of all, giving. Your support helps us keep that mission free to those who give their time and talents to serve when called. We couldn’t do it without you!


Project Basecamp

Our "Project Basecamp" initiative provides crucial support to volunteers, ensuring they can remain focused on their mission of service. Offering short and long-term housing solutions, complete with private bunkrooms, bathroom facilities, and communal areas, this self-sustaining program operates nationwide, allowing teams to respond quickly and confidently to any disaster situation.