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Project Basecamp

Empowering Relief Efforts Where They Are Needed Most

Our "Project Basecamp" initiative provides crucial support to volunteers, ensuring they can remain focused on their mission of service. Offering short and long-term housing solutions, complete with private bunkrooms, bathroom facilities, and communal areas, this self-sustaining program operates nationwide, allowing teams to respond quickly and confidently to any disaster situation. Infrastructure is key, and by providing secure and comfortable housing, we remove barriers that might otherwise hinder compassionate individuals from participating in relief efforts.

Our Journey of Love, Healing, & Service

Founded in 2012, Wings of The Spirit is the result of ordinary people committing to extraordinary acts of love, healing, and service. Our purpose is clear: to be the hands and feet of Jesus, bringing hope and restoration to broken lives. Through training and mobilizing volunteers, we collaborate with disaster relief organizations, community efforts, and individuals, creating opportunities to serve and make a meaningful impact. Join us in co-laboring to make a difference and share the gift of giving with those in need.

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At Wings of The Spirit, we believe that your commitment to serving others is an act of radical love. By empowering individuals to experience the transformational impact of supporting others, we restore our shared humanity and build a better community. Whether you are an experienced volunteer or new to the world of service, we welcome you with open arms. Step into purpose and find fulfillment by becoming a part of our compassionate family, serving as the active hands and feet of Jesus.