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The Mission

Wings of The Spirit exists to make it easy for volunteers to say "Yes" to serving others while, in turn, helping them to receive the greatest gift of all, giving.  

Focused on providing real-world solutions in times of crisis, we mobilize and empower you to step into purpose by serving as the active hands and feet of Jesus.

Stepping Into
& Action!

We support people because, in times of crisis, people are what matter! 

By Supporting WOTS through our pillars of impact you are supporting the people that are giving and receiving the best our community has to offer in times of need.

Read more about our pillars of impact below! 



When you volunteer with WOTS, we provide for your basic needs so that you can focus on impacting the community through direct services and crisis support.


For our volunteers:

  • Lodging*

  • Meals

  • Training

  • Equipment

  • Coordination/Logistics



When your organization partners with WOTS we help create solutions to common issues facing your organization so that together, we can impact the community.

For our partners:

  • Volunteer Recruitment

  • Volunteer Management

  • Volunteer Safety

  • Volunteer Housing

  • Outreach & Recovery

  • Support Services



Join a bigger story by connecting to the people who are stepping into purpose every day by serving others and meeting Christ in the process.


For our community:


  • Discipleship

  • Faith Support

  • Family Support

  • Community

  • Purpose

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